Modular Ontology Engineering

Modular Ontology Engineering is an opinionated approach to ontology engineering, by which it is informed by pattern-based methods. In many cases ontologies are designed to be schemas for knowledge graphs - there is a separate page documenting our contributions to knowledge graphs foundations and applications.

Guided Reading


CoModIDE -- The Comprehensive Modular Ontology IDE

InK Browser -- The Interactive Knowledge Browser

Code is hosted on github: To install: 1. Fork the Git repository.
2. Install Flask in a Python virtual environment, with the 'venv' folder in the same directory where you put the contents of the Git repo (see Flask installation instructions)
3. Set the flask_app environment variable to sdbrowser
4. Navigate to the parent of the directory sdbrowser
5. Activate virtual environment (Windows: venv\scripts\activate, Linux: source bin/activate)
6. Execute flask run
7. Open a web browser and navigate to

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