MODL: A Modular Ontology Design Library

Pattern-based, modular ontologies have several beneficial properties that lend themselves to FAIR data practices, especially as it pertains to Interoperability and Reusability. However, developing such ontologies has a high upfront cost, e.g. reusing a pattern is predicated upon being aware of its existence in the rst place. Thus, to help overcome these barriers, we have developed MODL: a modular ontology design library. MODL is a curated collection of well-documented ontology design patterns, drawn from a wide variety of interdisciplinary use-cases.

This page serves as a dereferencable URL for the MODL namespace. We also take advantage of this space to distribute the Version 1.0.0 of MODL as a ZIP archive. It contains all the patterns, documentation, and the MODL OPLa ontology. The living documentation can be found at:

Main contact: Cogan Shimizu

Key reference:  Cogan Shimizu, Pascal Hitzler, Quinn Hirt, MODL: A Modular Ontology Design Library. In: Krzysztof Janowicz, Adila Alfa Krisnadhi, Maria Poveda Villalon, Karl Hammar, Cogan Shimizu (eds.), Proceedings of the 10th Workshop on Ontology Design and Patterns (WOP 2019) co-located with 18th International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC 2019), Auckland, New Zealand, October 27, 2019. CEUR Workshop Proceedings 2459, 2019, pp. 47-58.

For tutorials on modular ontology design using patterns, please see the following:

Pascal Hitzler, Adila Krisnadhi, A Tutorial on Modular Ontology Modeling with Ontology Design Patterns: The Cooking Recipes Ontology. Technical Report, DaSe Lab, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Wright State University, Dayton, OH, August 2018.

Adila Krisnadhi, Pascal Hitzler, Modeling With Ontology Design Patterns: Chess Games As a Worked Example. In: Pascal Hitzler, Aldo Gangemi, Krzysztof Janowicz, Adila Krisnadhi, Valentina Presutti (eds.), Ontology Engineering with Ontology Design Patterns: Foundations and Applications. Studies on the Semantic Web Vol. 25, IOS Press/AKA Verlag, 2016, pp. 3-22.