Modular Ontology Modeling: A Tutorial

TitleModular Ontology Modeling: A Tutorial
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2020
AuthorsShimizu, C, Hitzler, P, Krisnadhi, A
Book TitleApplications and Practices in Ontology Design, Extraction, and Reasoning
PublisherIOS Press
Other Numbers10.3233/SSW200032

We provide an in-depth example of modular ontology engineering with ontology design patterns. The style and content of this chapter is adapted from previous work and tutorials on Modular Ontology Modeling. It o ers expanded steps and updated tool information. The tutorial is largely self-contained, but assumes that the reader is familiar with the Web Ontology Language OWL; however, we do briefly review some foundational concepts. By the end of the tutorial, we expect
the reader to have an understanding of the underlying motivation and methodology for producing a modular ontology.