Rule-based OWL Modeling with ROWLTab Protege Plugin

TitleRule-based OWL Modeling with ROWLTab Protege Plugin
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsSarker, MK, Krisnadhi, A, Carral, D, Hitzler, P

It has been argued that it is much easier to convey logi- cal statements using rules rather than OWL (or description logic (DL)) axioms. Based on recent theoretical developments on transformations between rules and DLs, we have developed ROWLTab, a Prot ́eg ́e plugin that allows users to enter OWL axioms by way of rules; the plugin then automatically converts these rules into OWL 2 DL axioms if possible, and prompts the user in case such a conversion is not possible without weakening the semantics of the rule. In this paper, we present ROWLTab, together with a user evaluation of its effectiveness compared to entering axioms using the standard Prot ́eg ́e interface. Our evaluation shows that modeling with ROWLTab is much quicker than the standard interface, while at the same time, also less prone to errors for hard modeling tasks.