Reconciling OWL and Non-monotonic Rules for the Semantic Web

TitleReconciling OWL and Non-monotonic Rules for the Semantic Web
Publication TypeConference Papers
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsKnorr, M, Hitzler, P, Maier, F
EditorDe Raedt, L, Bessière, C, Dubois, D, Doherty, P, Frasconi, P, Heintz, F, Lucas, PJF
Conference NameECAI 2012 - 20th European Conference on Artificial Intelligence. Including Prestigious Applications of Artificial Intelligence (PAIS-2012) System Demonstrations Track
PublisherIOS Press
Conference LocationMontpellier, France

We propose a description logic extending SROIQ (the description logic underlying OWL 2 DL) and at the same time encompassing some of the most prominent monotonic and nonmonotonic rule languages, in particular Datalog extended with the answer set semantics. Our proposal could be considered a substantial contribution towards fulfilling the quest for a unifying logic for the Semantic Web. As a case in point, two non-monotonic extensions of description logics considered to be of distinct expressiveness until now are covered in our proposal. In contrast to earlier such proposals, our language has the “look and feel” of a description logic and avoids hybrid or first-order syntaxes.