Reasoning with Fuzzy-EL+ Ontologies Using MapReduce

TitleReasoning with Fuzzy-EL+ Ontologies Using MapReduce
Publication TypeConference Papers
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsZhou, Z, Qi, G, Liu, C, Hitzler, P, Mutharaju, R
EditorDe Raedt, L, Bessière, C, Dubois, D, Doherty, P, Frasconi, P, Heintz, F, Lucas, PJF
Conference NameECAI 2012 - 20th European Conference on Artificial Intelligence. Including Prestigious Applications of Artificial Intelligence (PAIS-2012) System Demonstrations Track
PublisherIOS Press
Conference LocationMontpellier, France

Fuzzy extension of Description Logics (DLs) allows the formal representation and handling of fuzzy knowledge. In this paper, we consider fuzzy-EL+, which is a fuzzy extension of EL+. We first present revised completion rules for fuzzy-EL+ that can be handled by MapReduce programs. We then propose an algorithm for scale reasoning with fuzzy-EL+ ontologies based on MapReduce.