Paraconsistent Semantics for Hybrid MKNF Knowledge Bases

TitleParaconsistent Semantics for Hybrid MKNF Knowledge Bases
Publication TypeConference Papers
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsHuang, S, Li, Q, Hitzler, P
EditorRudolph, S, Gutierrez, C
Conference NameWeb Reasoning and Rule Systems - 5th International Conference, RR 2011
Conference LocationGalway, Ireland

Hybrid MKNF knowledge bases, originally based on the stable model semantics, is a mature method of combining rules and Description Logics (DLs). The well-founded semantics for such knowledge bases has been proposed subsequently for better efficiency of reasoning. However, integration of rules and DLs may give rise to inconsistencies, even if they are respectively consistent. Accordingly, reasoning systems based on the previous two semantics will break down. In this paper, we employ the four-valued logic proposed by Belnap, and present a paraconsistent semantics for Hybrid MKNF knowledge bases, which can detect inconsistencies and handle it effectively. Besides, we transform our proposed semantics to the stable model semantics via a linear transformation operator, which indicates that the data complexity in our paradigm is not higher than that of classical reasoning. Moreover, we provide a fixpoint algorithm for computing paraconsistent MKNF models.