How I Would Like Semantic Web To Be, For My Children

TitleHow I Would Like Semantic Web To Be, For My Children
Publication TypeConference Papers
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsMutharaju, R
Conference NameWhat will the Semantic Web look like 10 years from now? co-located with the 11th International Semantic Web Conference 2012 (ISWC 2012)
Conference LocationBoston, MA, USA

Semantic Web, since its inception, has gone through lot of developments in its relatively nascent existence; right from people’s perception, to the standards and to its adoption by the industry and more importantly by the scientific community. This impressive growth only seems to increase. In this paper, we project this growth to the next 10 years and highlight some of the facets on which Semantic Web could have a major impact on. We also present the challenges that Semantic Web and its community has to deal with in order to get there.