A Functional API for OWL

TitleA Functional API for OWL
Publication TypePosters
Year of Publication2020
AuthorsEberhart, A, Hitzler, P
Secondary TitleThe 19th International Semantic Web Conference

We present (f OWL), a minimalistic, functional programming style ontology editor that is based directly on the OWL 2 Structural Specification. (f OWL) is written from scratch, entirely in Clojure, having no other dependencies. Ontologies in (f OWL) are implemented as standalone and homogeneous data structures, which means that the same exact functions written for single axioms or expressions often work identically on any part of an ontology, even the entire ontology itself. The lazy functional style of Clojure also allows for intuitive and simple ontology creation and modification with a minimal memory footprint. All of this is possible without ever needing to use a single class, except of course in the Ontologies one creates!

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