DaSeLab at ISWC2017

Four members of the DaSe Lab - Michelle Cheatham, Aaron Eberhart, Pascal Hitzler, Cogan Shimizu - visited the 16th International Semantic Web Conference, ISWC 2017, this year in Vienna, Austria, which is the key conference in the field.

David Carral, Pascal Hitzler, Aaron Eberhardt, Michelle Cheatham, Cogan Shimizu, at ISWC2017

David Carral (now at TU Dresden, Germany), Pascal Hitzler, Aaron Eberhart, Michelle Cheatham, and Cogan Shimizu at ISWC 2017

And we kept rather busy there. The activities we were involved in were diverse:




In addition, Pascal Hitzler wrote a blog post on key insights from the keynote delivered by Google's Jamie Taylor at the conference. ​