The OceanLink project

TitleThe OceanLink project
Publication TypeConference Papers
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsNarock, T, Arko, R, Carbotte, S, Krisnadhi, A, Hitzler, P, Cheatham, M, Shepherd, A, Chandler, C, Raymond, L, Wiebe, P, Finin, T
EditorLin, J, Pei, J, Hu, X, Chang, W, Nambiar, R, Aggarwal, C, Cercone, N, Honavar, V, Huan, J, Mobasher, B, Pyne, S
Conference Name2014 IEEE International Conference on Big Data, Big Data 2014, Washington, DC, USA, October 27-30, 2014
Date Published10/2014
ISBN Number978-1-4799-5665-4

Today's scientific investigations are producing large numbers of scholarly products. These products continue to increase in diversity and complexity as researchers recognize that scholarly achievements are not only published articles but also datasets, software, and associated supporting materials. OceanLink is an online platform that addresses scholarly discovery and collaboration in the ocean sciences. The OceanLink project leverages Semantic Web technologies, web mining, and crowdsourcing to identify links between data centers, digital repositories, and professional societies to enhance discovery, enable collaboration, and begin to assess research contribution.

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