A Method for Automatically Generating Schema Diagrams for OWL Ontologies

TitleA Method for Automatically Generating Schema Diagrams for OWL Ontologies
Publication TypeConference Papers
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsShimizu, C, Eberhart, A, Karima, N, Hirt, Q, Krisnadhi, A, Hitzler, P
Conference Name1st Iberoamerican Knowledge Graph and Semantic Web Conference (KGSWC)
Date Published06/2019
Conference LocationVilla Clara, Cuba
Keywordsdesign patterns, evaluation, implementation, ontology, schema diagrams, visualization

Interest in Semantic Web technologies, including knowledge graphs and ontologies, is increasing rapidly in industry and academics. In order to support ontology engineers and domain experts, it is necessary to provide them with robust tools that facilitate the ontology engineering process. Often, the schema diagram of an ontology is the most important tool for quickly conveying the overall purpose of an ontology. In this paper, we present a method for programmatically generating a schema diagram from an OWL file. We evaluate its ability to generate schema diagrams similar to manually drawn schema diagrams and show that it outperforms VOWL and OWLGrEd. In addition, we provide a prototype implementation of this tool.

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