A Domain Ontology for Task Instructions

TitleA Domain Ontology for Task Instructions
Publication TypeConference Papers
Year of Publication2020
AuthorsEberhart, A, Shimizu, C, Stevens, C, Hitzler, P, Myers, CW, Maruyam, B
Conference NameKGSWC

Knowledge graphs and ontologies represent information in a variety of different applications. One use case, the Intelligence, Surveillance, & Reconnaissance: Mutli-Attribute Task Battery (ISR-MATB), comes from Cognitive Science, where researchers use interdisciplinary methods to understand the mind and cognition. The ISR-MATB is a set of tasks that a cognitive or human agent perform which test visual,
auditory, and memory capabilities. An ontology can represent a cognitive agent’s background knowledge of the task it was instructed to perform and act as an interchange format between different Cognitive Agent tasks similar to ISR-MATB. We present several modular patterns for representing ISR-MATB task instructions, as well as a unified diagram that links them together.