Raghava Mutharaju is a panel member at ESWC 2015 workshop

The 12th Extended Semantic Web Conference (ESWC 2015) had many interesting workshops and one among them was the workshop on Negative or Inconclusive Results in Semantic Web (NoISE 2015). The idea was to put out the negative results and more importantly discuss the lessons learned from such failures.

DaSe Lab member Raghava Mutharaju, along with Pavan Kapanipathi had a position paper titled "Are We Really Standing on the Shoulders of Giants?" at the NoISE 2015 workshop. This paper discusses the repurcussions of ignoring the negative results by the research community (current scenario) and presents a set of steps that can be taken in order to encourage the publication and sharing of negative results. More details are available in the paper.

Raghava, along with the authors of two other position papers, was part of a panel that discussed the main themes of the position papers with the workshop participants.  Following the panel discussion, workshop participants along with the organizers were divided into a few breakout groups to discuss the next steps. Some of the proposed next steps included the ideas from the position paper "Are We Really Standing on the Shoulders of Giants?".